Who We Are

Working Since 2007

Encapsulating the character and vast experiences

Encapsulating the character and vast experience - Matthew Pace, managing director and entrepreneur for 35 years, has been operating catering establishments since 1998. Eventually creating the brand 'Uncle Matt's Kitchen' in March 2016.  Not having culinary expertise - the cuisine and service evolved into what it is today encapsulating the best selling dishes that made their mark throughout this couple of decades.

Can host almost 500 customers

In 2013 Uncle Matts branched out into Msida and made a foothold in mid malta - focusing on a different corporate target audience while reaching new territories with our home delivery service.

In 2018 Uncle Matts opened up in the North of Malta and took over the restaurant at the unique birds' habitat - Birdpark Malta located between Burmarrad & Salina.

The menu

The menu includes a choice of many areas, covering homemade burgers to fresh pasta, as well as steaks, fish dishes, and signature pizzas.

Become synonymous amongst enthusiastic sports lovers

We have maintained the many highlights we were previously known for mainly being the central location in the heart of Marsascala, and the safe playgrounds.

The original restaurant n Marsascala was based on the Sports diners concept, offering a variety of screens showing live sport simultaneously. The same venue in the south of the island shifted towards the heart of the Marsascala kids playground, focusing on a new target audience whereas families can enjoy the seaside location while savouring the home hearty dishes and oversee their next of kin enjoy the outdoor ambience.

20-year culinary experience

Throughout these years and taking full advantage of these three locations and three diverse target audiences, Uncle Matts has engaged a loyalty database of almost 7,000 customers who benefit from our very frequent promotional offers - communicated either via message or email.